Friday, April 8, 2016

"Lord of the Flies" Chapter 6 Figurative Language Quote

 "A sliver of moon rose over the horizon, hardly large enough to make a path of light even when it sat right down on the water" (Golding, 95).        

William Golding uses a lot of figurative language in chapter 6 of his book, "Lord of the Flies". In the quote I picked, Golding uses imagery to depict how the sky looks. One way he does this to by saying that there is only a sliver of a moon to imply that it is very dark out. He also uses personification when he said the moon sat down on the water. He is saying that the moon is not high in the sky but instead is just above the horizon. He uses figurative language here to make a clear and interesting image of the night setting.
The images I chose show how the crescent moon gives off a very little amount of light. They also show how close to the horizon the moon was.

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