Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is it posible to teach empathy?

Empathy is a quality that most people need to have. It allows people to understand and feel what other people are feeling. In an article by BBC Magazine, called 'Can you teach people to have empathy,' it talks about how it would be possible to teach people to be empathetic. I agree with the article, I think it would be possible to teach empathy. "98% of people have the ability to empathize wired into their brains" (BBC Magazine, 1). Not all people will act on this ability to empathize all the time.
Most people would walk by a mother struggling with her kids without a second thought. Our modern day society makes it easy for us to forget the feelings of others, but we can still learn to empathize with others. If you spent a whole day thinking about everyone who is connected to your daily routine, then you would notice that there are so many people who we take for granted, but without them our lives would be completely different. It is possible for people to learn empathy.