Thursday, January 28, 2016

In the media, there have been many examples of T.V. shows and movies that have characters with mental illnesses in them. Some are portrayed well and some are not. In an article called "Mental Illness Sans Cliches," by Susan Brink, she talks about how the media portrays people with mental illnesses. In her article, Brink is trying to say that the media is getting better about how it portrays mental illnesses, but there are still times when they portray mental illnesses horribly wrong. "'Since 2000, the industry has been improving. But just when we think there's been a breakthrough, something bizarre or awful gets put on the air,' says Bob Corolla, director of media relations for the National Alliance on Mental Illness" (Brink, 2). Even though the media is getting better, you can't always trust it to have accurate portrayals of mental illnesses.

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